Swami Vivekananda - Anecdotes

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I must also stand up

The road under your feet

Can you overlook the humanity ?

I am the thief turned into gold

Turn around and face it !

Your mind should be only on the target

Rise at the expense of another ?

Now the very dust of India has become holy to me !

Chicago Speech

Final Days

I can never tell a lie

Lesson from Mother

A Truthful Student

Find out the Truth for yourself

Never surrender to injustice

Stick to the truth

Lathi Play


Patriotism first, then Universalism

The Road

Sinners are potential saints

Ghost in the Tree

Power of concentration

Meeting in the Train

Feeding an idler

Image Workship

Nikon Tesla and Swamiji

Never believe anything blindly

Before Chicago Speech

Emma Clave meeting Swamiji

The Child's Vision

Condemn Nobody

Pieces of Paper

Indian Institute of Science

Photographic Memory

Christ and Christianity

Why we Disagree?

Vision of one India


Guru or Family?

The Saffron Turban


Swami at Cairo

Rockefeller foundation

Meeting with Tiger

Give and Do not Look Back