Please note:

The Sri Ramakrishna Kathamrita in Bengali is available in two different formats:

        1. PDF
        2. HTML

PDF version: This has been completed barring correction of typos. You will need to have a pdf reader in your computer. If you are using IE 7 or 8, there might be some characters from the pdf file that do not load properly in the browser on first attempt. Refreshing will allow all the characters to load properly. This is not a problem with IE 6.

HTML version: This is in unicode and still under construction and there might be several broken links. Several factors are worth mentioning here;

(a) If you are using Vista or Windows7, you need not do anything  and can proceed directly.

(b) If you are not using Vista or Windows7, you need to go through these steps.

(c) Microsoft's default Bengali font "Vrinda" is usually unreadably small. Additionally, "Vrinda" lacks the "khandita ta" which appears as a box. The files have been created using  "Solaiman Lipi". It is preferable "Solaiman Lipi" be installed in your system. It is available here.

(d) You can use any other unicode compliant Bengali font, but then you will also need to install the font in you computer and change the default "Vrinda" to the one of your choice to ensure the Kathamrita pages are displayed in the font of your choice.

PDF version of the Sri Ramakrishna Kathamrita

HTML version of the Sri Ramakrishna Kathamrita

The html version of the Kathamrita is searchable by Google. To do this,

1. A Bengali keyboard needs to be installed in your computer such as the Avro keyboard or Baraha. Other unicode compliant keyboards will also work.

2. Select "Advanced Search" from Google's main page.

3. Using the Bengali keyboard type the search text; for example "Narendra" and the domain name "" as under. Then click the Advanced Search button.

4. You should get the following result.