TYAGA AND VAIRAGYA (Renunciation and Dispassion)


No Spiritual progress is possible without the renunciation of 'woman and gold'. I renounced these three; land, wife and wealth. Once I went to the Registry office to register some land, the title of which was in the name of Raghuvir28. The officer asked me to sign my name; but I did not do it because I couldn't feel that it was 'my' land. I was shown much respect as the guru of Keshab Sen. They presented me with mangoes, but I couldn't carry them home. A Sannyasi cannot lay things up.

How can one expect to attain God without renunciation? Suppose one thing is placed upon another; how can you get the second without removing the first? (116)

28 The tutelary Deity at the ancestral home of Sri Ramakrishna.