As you go nearer to God you see less and less of His upadhis, His attributes. A devotee at first may see the Deity as the ten-armed Divine Mother; when he goes nearer, he sees her possessed of six arms; still nearer, he sees the Deity as the two armed Gopala. The nearer he comes to the Deity, the fewer attributes he 5-ees. At last, when he comes into the presence of (he Deity, he sees only Light without any attribute, Listen a little to the Vedantic reasoning. A magician came to a king to show his magic. When the magician moved away little, the king saw a rider on horse-backapproaching him. He was brilliantly arrayed and had various weapons in his hands. The king and the audience began to reason out what was real in the phenomenon before them. Evidently the horse was not real, nor the robes nor the armours. At last they found out beyond the shadow of a doubt that the rider alone was there. The significance of this is that Brahman alone is real and the world unreal. Nothing whatsoever remains if you analyse. (122)