WHERE the mind attains peace by practising the discipline of ’Neti, neti’, there Brahman is.

The king dwells in the inmost room of the palace, which has seven gates. The visitor comes to the first gate. There he sees a lordly person with a large retinue, surrounded on all sides by pomp and grandeur. The visitor asks his companion, "Is he the king?" "No", says his friend with a smile.

At the second and other gates he repeats the same question to his friend. He finds that the nearer he comes to the inmost part of the palace, the greater is the glory, pomp, and grandeur. When he passes the seventh gate he does not ask his companion whether it is the king; he stands speechless at the king’s immeasurable glory. He realizes that he is face to face with the king. He hasn't the slightest doubt about it. (123)