ONCE Vyasadeva was about to cross the Jamuna. The gopis also were there. They wanted to go to the other side of the river to sell curd, milk, and cream. But there was no ferry at that time. They were all worried about how to cross the river, when Vyasa said to them, "I am very hungry." The milkmaids fed him with milk and cream. He finished almost all their food. Then Vyasa said to the river, "O Jamuna, if I have not eaten anything, then your waters will part and we shall walk through." It so happened. The river parted and a pathway was formed between the waters.Following that path, the gopis and Vyasa crossed the river.

Vyasa had said, "If I have not eaten anything." That means, the real man is Pure Atman. Atman is unattached and beyond Prakriti. It has neither hunger nor thirst; It knows neither birth nor death; It does not age, nor does It die. It is immutable as Mount Sumeru. (126)