THE truth is that God alone is real and all else is unreal. Men, universe, house, children all these are like the magic of the magician. The magician strikes his wand and says: "Come delusion! Come confusion!" Then he says to the audience, "Open the lid of the pot; see the birds fly into the sky."But the magician alone is real and his magic unreal.The unreal exists for a second and then vanishes.

Siva was seated in Kailas. His companion Nandi was near Him. Suddenly a terrific noise arose."Revered sir," asked Nandi "what does that mean?" Siva said: "Havana is born. That is the meaning!" A few moments later another terrific noise was heard. "Now what is this noise?" Nandi asked. Siva said with a smile, "Ravana is dead."

Birth and death are like magic. You see the magic for a second and then it disappears. God alone is real and all else unreal. Water alone is real; its bubbles appear and disappear. They disappear into the very water from which they rise. (141)