ONCE upon a time a man wanted to sink a well and someone advised him to dig in a certain spot, and he did so. But after sinking fifteen cubits, when he found no water coming out, he got disgusted. In the meantime another man came and laughing at his foolish attempt advised him to dig in another spot which he knew to be the best, So the man went and resumed his labour there. This time he went down twenty cubits, but no water was found. A third man came and asked him to try in another and better place which he would point out to him. He followed and a certain spot was shown to him. He went on sinking and sinking till thirty cubits were reached and in utter disgust he was going to give up the task, when a fourth man came up to him, smiling sweetly and said, "My child, you have laboured much indeed, but being misdirected all these labours have been of no use to you. Very well, kindly follow me, and I will take you to a spot where if you only touch your spade to the ground, water will flow out in torrents." The temptation was too much for him and so he followed this fourth man and did according to his advice. He went on digging expecting every moment the gushing out of water, till he patiently sank twenty cubits, but alas! No water came. Then utterly discouraged he gave up the task altogether, By this time he had sunk eighty five cubits. But if he had had the patience and perseverance to sink half the number of cubits in one place, he would surely have been successful.

Similarly, men who cannot stick to their religion, and always hastily court one religion after another, at last turn out to be atheists in their old age, giving up religion altogether. (174)