ONCE, a woman went to see her weaver friend. The weaver, who had been spinning different kinds of silk thread, was very happy to see her friend and said to her: "Friend, I can't tell you how happy I am to see you. Let me get you some refreshments." She left the room. The woman looked at the threads of different colours and was tempted. She hid a bundle of thread under one arm. The weaver returned presently with the refreshments, and began to feed her guest with great enthusiasm. But, looking at the thread, she realised that her friend, had taken a bundle. Hitting upon a plan to get it back she said, "Friend, it is so long since I have seen you. This is a day of great joy for me. I feel very much like asking you to dance with me." The friend said, "Sister, I am feeling very happy too." So the two friends began to dance together. When the weaver saw that her friend danced without raising her hands, she said, "Friend let us dance with both hands raised. This is a day of great joy." But the guest pressed one arm to her side and danced raising only the other. The weaver said "How is this, friend? Why should you dance with only one hand raised? Dance with me raising both hands. Look at me. See how I dance with both hands raised." But the guest still pressed one arm to her side. She danced with the other hand raised and said with a smile, 'This is all I know of dancing!'

Don't press your arm to your side. Have both your hands free. Be not afraid of anything. Accept both the Nitya and the Lila, both the Absolute and the Relative. (175)