WHEN a man attains the knowledge of Brahman he clearly feels and sees that it is God Who has become everything. He has nothing to give up and nothing to accept. It is impossible for him to be angry with anyone.

One day I was riding a carriage. I saw two prostitutes standing on a verandah. They appeared to me to be embodiments of the Divine Mother Herself. I saluted them.

When I first attained this exalted state I could not worship Mother Kali or give Her the food offering. Haladhari and Hriday told me that on account of this the temple officer had slandered me. But I only laughed; I wasn't in the least angry.

A holy man came to a town and went about seeing the sights. He met another sadhu, an acquaintance. The latter said: "I see you are gadding about. Where is your baggage? I hope no thief has stolen it." The first sadhu said: "Not at all. First I found a lodging, put my things in the room in proper order, and locked the door. Now I am enjoying the fun of the city."

Attain Brahmajnana and then roam about enjoying God's Lila, (191)