'KAMA-KANCHANA' (Lust and Gold)


A JOB-SEEKER got tired of visiting the manager in an office. He couldn't get the job. The manager said to him, "There is no vacancy now; but come and f see me now and then." This went on for a long time, and the candidate lost all hope. One day he told his tale of woe to a friend. The friend said: "How stupid you are! Why are you wearing away the soles of your feet going to that fellow? You had better go to Golap. You will get the job tomorrow." "Is that so?" said the candidate. "I am going right away." Golap was the manager's mistress. The candidate called on her and said: "'Mother, I am in great distress. You must help me out of it. 1 am the son of a poor brahmana. Where else shall I go for help? Mother I have been out of work many days. My children are about to starve to death. I can get a job if you but say a word." Golap said to him, "Child, whom should I speak to?" She said to herself: "Ah, the poor brahmana! He has been suffering too much." The candidate said to her, "I am sure to get the job if you just put in a word about it to the manager." Golap said, "I shall speak to him today and settle the matter." The very next morning a man called on the candidate and said, "You are to work in the manager's office, from today." The manager said to his English boss: "This man is very competent. I have appointed him. He will do credit to the firm." (24)