'KAMA-KANCHANA' (Lust and Gold)


VISHNU incarnated Himself as a sow in order to kill the demon Hiranynksha. After killing the demon, sow remained quite happy with her young ones. Forgetting her real nature, she was suckling them very contentedly. The gods in heaven could not persuade Vishnu to relinquish His sow's body and return to the celestial regions. He was absorbed in the happiness of His beast form. After consulting among themselves, the gods sent Siva to the sow. Siva asked the sow "Why have you forgotten yourself?" Vishnu replied through the sow's body, "Why, I am quite happy here." Thereupon with a stroke of his trident Siva destroyed the sow's body and Vishnu went back to heaven.

Everyone is under the authority of the Divine Mother, Mahamaya, the Primal Energy. Even the Incarnations of God accept the help of Maya to fulfil their mission on earth. Therefore they worship the Primal Energy. (32)