'KAMA-KANCHANA' (Lust and Gold)


A PRIEST was once going to the village of a disciple of his. He had no servant with him. Seeing a cobbler on the way, he addressed him, saying: "Hulloa! Good man, will you accompany me as a servant? You will be fed well and taken good care of, if you come with me." The cobbler replied: "Sir, I am of the lowest caste. How can I come as your servant?" The priest said, "Never mind. Do not tell anybody what you are. Do not also speak to anyone, or make anybody's acquaintance. The cobbler agreed. At twilight, while the priest was sitting at prayers in the house of his disciple, another brahmana came and said to the priest's servant, "Go and bring my shoes from there." True to the behest of his master, he made no response. The brahmana repeated his order a second time, but even then the servant remained silent. The brahmana repeated it again and again, but the cobbler did not move an inch. At last, getting annoyed, the brahmana angrily said: "Sirrah; how dare you disobey a brahmana's command? What is your name? Are you indeed a cobbler?" The cobbler, hearing this, began to tremble with fear, and looking piteously at the priest, said: "O venerable sir, I am found out. I dare not stay here any longer. Let me flee." So saying, he took to his heels.

Just so, as soon as Maya is recognised, she flies away. (35)