A BOY named Jatila used to walk to school through the woods, and the journey frightened him. One day he told his mother of his fear.

She replied: “Why should you be afraid? Call Madhusudana.” “Mother", asked the boy, "Who is Madhusudana?" The mother said, "He is your Elder Brother." One day after this, when the boy again felt afraid in the woods, he cried out, "O Brother Madhusudana!" But there was no response. He began to weep aloud: "Where are You, Brother Madhusudana? Come to me. I am afraid." Then God could no longer stay away. He appeared before the boy and said: "Here I am. Why are you frightened?" And so saying He took the boy out of the woods and showed him the way to school. When He took leave of the boy, God said: "I will come whenever you call me. Do not be afraid."

One must have this faith of a child, this yearning. (60)