ONCE there lived two yogis who were practising austerities with a view to realize the Lord. One day Narada, the divine sage, was passing by their hermitage, when one of them asked him, "Are you coming from Heaven". Narada replied, "Yes, that is so." The yogi said, "Do tell me what you saw the Lord doing in Heaven." Narada replied, "I saw the Lord playing by making camels and elephants pass through the eye of a needle." At this the yogi observed: "There is nothing in it to marvel at. Nothing is impossible with God!" But the other man exclaimed: "O nonsense! That is impossible! It only shows that you have never been to the Lord's abode."

The first man was a bhakta and had the faith of a child. Nothing is impossible to the Lord, nor can anyone know His nature fully. Everything can he predicted of Him. (71)