KARTIKA and Ganesa22 were seated near Bhagavati, who had a necklace of gems around Her neck. The Divine Mother said to them, "I will present this necklace to him who is the first to go around the universe." Thereupon Kartika, without losing a moment, set out on the peacock, his carrier. Ganesa, on the other hand, in a leisurely fashion went around the Divine Mother and prostrated himself before Her. He knew that She contained within Herself the entire universe. The Divine Mother was pleased with him and put the necklace around his neck. After a long while Kartika returned and found his brother seated there with the necklace on.

Everything can be realised simply through love of God. If one is able to love God, one does not lack anything. (78)

22 The two sons of Bhagavati, the Divine Mother.