ONCE I went to a certain place with Mathur Babu. Many pundits came forward to argue with me. And you know that I am a fool. The pundits saw that strange mood of mine. When the conversation was over, they said to me: "Sir, after hearing your words, all that we have studied before, our knowledge and scholarship, has proved to be mere spittle. Now we realize that a man does not lack wisdom if he has the grace of God." 'The fool becomes wise and the mute eloquent.' Therefore I say that a man does not become a scholar by the mere study of books.

Yes, how true it is! How can a man who has the grace of God lack knowledge? Look at me. 1 am a fool. I do not know anything. Then who is it that utters these words? The reservoir of knowledge of God is inexhaustible. There are grain dealers at Kamarpukur, When selling paddy, one man weighs the grain on the scales and another man pushes it to him from a heap. It is the duty of the second man to keep a constant supply of grain on the scales by pushing it from the big heap. It is the same with my words. No sooner are they about to run short than the Divine Mother sends a new supply from Her inexhaustible storehouse of knowledge.

You know I am a fool. I know nothing. Then who is it that says all these things? Hers (Divine Mother's) is the glory; we are only Her instruments.

Once Radha, to prove her chastity, carried on her head a pitcher filled with water. The pitcher had a thousand holes, but not a drop of water spilled. People began to praise her, saying, "Such a chaste woman the world will never see again!" Then Radha said to them:

"Why do you praise me? Say, 'Glory unto Krishna! Hail Krishna! I am only His handmaid." (86)