His Eastern and Western Disciples


(April 1960)



Birth and Childhood

Early Education: Glimpses of Spirituality

Collegiate Days — Tendencies

Shri Ramakrishna

At the Touch of the Master

The Guru and the Disciple

The Man in the Making

Trials and Hardships

Days of Ecstasy at Dakshineswar

Cossipore & The Passing of the Master

The Baranagore Math

The Itinerant Days: The Northern Tirthas

Wanderings in the Himalayas

In Historic Rajputana

In the Bombay Presidency

Through Southern India to Cape Comorin

Further Glimpses of Parivrajaka Life

In Madras and Hyderabad

On the Way to and Early Days in America

The Parliament or Religions

Varying Experiences as Preacher

The Beginning of Work 

The First Visit to England  

Establishing the American Work

Back to London and a Tour of The Continent

Towards India

Triumphal March through Ceylon and Southern India

Back to Bengal

In Northern India

Life at the Math and Training of the Disciples

In Kashmir: Amarnath and Kshir-Bhavani

Consecration of the Math: Its Scope and Ideals

Amongst His own People

Second Visit to America

The Paris Congress and a tour in Europe

Visit to Mayavati

A Trip to East Bengal and Life at the Math

Towards the End