To Mrs. G. W. Hale


Tuesday, 27 March 1894


Herewith I send two cheques of $114 and $75 to be put in the banks for me. I have endorsed them to your care.

I am going to Boston in a day or two. I have got $57 with me. They will go a long way. Something will turn up, as it always does. I do not know where I go from Boston. I have written to Mrs. [Francis W.] Breed but as yet heard nothing from her.1 His will be done. Not I but Thou — that is always the motto of my life.

With my eternal gratitude, love, and admiration for Mother Church and all the dignitaries,

I remain your son,


  1. ^Soon afterwards the Swami received a telegram from Mrs. Breed inviting him to Lynn to be her guest for a week; he accepted and spent a week at her home in Mid-April.