In this Fifth Part of Sri Ramakrishna The Great Master which is now published, the events of the Master’s life, from the time when he first became acquainted with the Brahmo devotees to the time when he came to Calcutta for treatment of his throat disease and stayed at Shyampukur,1 have been recorded as far as possible. During this time the Master was fully established in the divine mood and all his actions and behaviour were prompted by this mood. Again, this part of his life was united for ever with Narendra’s (Swami Vivekananda’s) life in such a sweet relationship that, when we go to study this part of the Master’s life, the story of Narendra’s life presents itself, simultaneously. The present part of the book has accordingly been called, “The Master in the Divine Mood and Narendranath”.

We could not imagine, when we began to write the play of the divine Mother as Sri Ramakrishna, that we could ever proceed so far. Considering all things we are convinced that it has been rendered possible by his inconceivable grace only. Bowing down, therefore, at his lotus feet again and again, we humbly place this Part before the reader.


Second day of the bright fortnight,
Phalgun 20, BE. 1325 (A.D. 1919)

  1. ^To which has been added the last chapter dealing with the events at Kasipur, which first appeared in the Bengali monthly Udbodhan as articles. — Tr.