Year - Events

1775 - Birth of Kshudiram.

1791 - Birth of Chandradevi.

1799 - Kshudiram’s marriage with Chandradevi.

1805 - Birth of Ramkumar.

1810 - Birth of Katyayani.

1815 - Kshudiram settles in Kamarpukur.

1821 - Marriage of Ramkumar; Marriage of Katyayani.

1824 - Kshudiram’s pilgrimage to Rameswaram.

1826 - Birth of Rameswar.

1835 - Kshudiram’s pilgrimage to Kasi and Gaya.

1836 - Birth of Sri Ramakrishna, Thursday, February 18, about 5 a.m.

1840 - Birth of Sarvamangala.

1843 - Death of Kshudiram.

1845 - Sri Ramakrishna’s sacred thread ceremony.

1848 - Marriage of Rameswar; Marriage of Sarvamangala.

1849 - Birth of Akshay.

1850 - Ramkumar opens a Sanskrit school in Calcutta.

1852 - Sri Ramakrishna comes to Calcutta.

1853 - Birth of the Holy Mother Sri Sarada Devi, December 22.

1855 - The consecration ceremony of the Kali temple at Dakshineswar, May 31. Sri Ramakrishna’s appointment as the priest of Sri Radhakanta temple and then of the Kali temple. Hriday comes to Dakshineswar.

1856 - Death of Ramkumar. Sri Ramakrishna’s first divine inebriation and the divine vision.

1857 - Sri Ramakrishna’s treatment under Dr. Gangaprasad Sen. Sri Ramakrishna corrects Rani Rasmani.

1858 - Haladhari’s appointment as the priest of the Kali Temple. Sri Ramakrishna’s visit to Kamarpukur.

1859 - Sri Ramakrishna’s marriage with the Holy Mother Sri Sarada Devi in May.

1860 - Sri Ramakrishna’s return to Dakshineswar. Mathur’s vision of Sri Ramkrishna as Siva and Kali.

1861 - Death of Rani Rasmani. Bhairavi Brahmani comes to Dakshineswar. Sri Ramakrishna’s Tantric Sadhana.

1863 - Completion of Tantric Sadhana.

1864 - Chandradevi settles at Dakshineswar. Sri Ramakrishna’s practice of Vatsalya Bhava under Jatadhari. Practice of Madhura Bhava. Initiation into Sannyasa by Tota Puri.

1865 - The appointment of Akshay as the priest of Sri Radhakanta temple in place of Haladhari. Tota Puri leaves Dakshineswar. Sri Ramakrishna in Nirvikalpa Samadhi for Six months. His Islamic Sadhana.

1867 - Sri Ramakrishna at Kamarpukur with Bhairavi Brahamani. The Holy Mother’s arrival at Kamarpukur. The Bhairavi leaves.

1868 - Sri Ramakrishna’s pilgrimage with Mathur. His meeting with Gangamata in Brindavan.

1869 - Death of Akshay.

1870 - Sri Ramakrishna’s tour with Mathur. His visit to Kalutola Harisabha, Kalna and Navadwip.

1871 - Death of Mathur.

1872 - The Holy Mother’s first visit to Dakshineswar. Sri Ramakrishna performs the Shodasi Puja.

1873 - The death of Rameswar.

1874 - The Holy Mother’s second visit to Dakshineswar.

1875 - Sri Ramakrishna’s first meeting with Kesav Chandra Sen.

1876 - Death of Chandradevi.

1877 - The Holy Mother’s third visit to Dakshineswar.

1879 - Sri Ramakrishna’s marked devotees started coming.

1880 - Sri Ramakrishna’s last visit to Kamarpukur.

1881 - Sri Ramakrishna’s first meeting with Rakhal and Narendra. The Holy Mother’s fourth visit to Dakshineswar.Dismissal of Hriday.

1882 - Sri Ramakrishna’s meeting with Pandit Vidyasagar. The Holy Mother’s fifth visit to Dakshineswar.

1883 - Sri Ramakrishna meets Swami Saradananda (the author) for the first time.

1884 - Sri Ramakrishna’s first meeting with Gopala’s Mother. Death of Kesav. The Holy Mother comes to live at Dakshineswar.

1885 - Sri Ramakrishna’s last visit to Panihati. His illness and shift to Shyampukur and then to Kasipur for treatment.

1886 - Sri Ramakrishna’s self-revealation on January, 1 (Kalpataru Day). Organisation of disciples. Mahasamadhi on August, 16, about 1 a.m.