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To Maharaja Ajit Singh, the Raja of Khetri


10 August 1898


I have long not heard any news of you. How are things going on with you both bodily and mentally?

I have been to see Shri Amarnathji.1 It was a very enjoyable trip and the Darshana2 was glorious.

I will be here about a month more, then I return to the plains. Kindly ask Jagmohan to write to the Dewan Saheb of Kishangarh to get for me the copies of Nimbârka Bhâshya which he promised.

With all love,



  1. ^A cave in the Kashmir Himalayas, where an ice Lingam of Shiva is worshipped.
  2. ^Paying respects to a holy place or person by a ceremonial visit; also the blessings or purification felt in the presence of holiness.